Gtour Provides for its clients an Innovative Experience to meet with Different Engineering Companies that offer unique processes, products and technologies.

These companies are ready to share their success stories and acknowledge the Clients of Gtour with their Projects, Experiences, Nurturing Creativity Strategies , and Market Know- How, through privately arranged Workshops, Seminars and Meetings.

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Multisys, is a French Leading Company in Architecture, offering varied services of Consulting and Audit, Building Design, Project Management Assistance, Technical Asset Management, IT Organization of Projects, and much more.
Coordination, Vocation and Design Management are the company’s core values.
They are the points of convergence, which allows the company to bring an Optimal answer to each issue.
Multisys is taking each project to another level of Coordination and Support not only ensuring spatial coherence between the components of a construction.


Schüßler Plan are an owner-operated engineering company, active throughout the world, with more than 800 employees in 20 offices and our home in Düsseldorf.

Although it’s core competence lies in the design of load-bearing structures, they have a reputation as one of Germany’s leading providers of complex transport infrastructure solutions.

Their fields of expertise include urban planning, construction, roads, bridges and tunnels, rail networks, airports, harbours and railway stations.

They provide their clients with all the design and planning services required for the implementation of a project, from concept through the design phase to construction and handover, whether as general contractor or client representative.

What makes Schüßler-Plan really special is their expertise and company culture combined with creativity and flexibility. It is their plan for good engineering.


STRABAG AG, Cologne, has been successful for more than 90 years and is the No. 1 in the German traffic infrastructure.

Strabag realize your project in partnership and ensure a long life cycle, moderate construction costs and efficient operation.  What distinguishes this company is the ability to constantly improve themselves.

Thanks to a multitude of new solutions in process and data management, in building materials development, process engineering and resource efficiency, they have made a name for themselves in the construction industry and are always one step ahead with their innovations.


SINOPEC Engineering Incorporation (SEI) is a strong brand under the flag of China Petrochemical Corporation (SINOPEC).

SEI is mainly known as a leading engineering firm capable of undertaking various projects including PMC and EPC and offering professional project management services. SEI is made up of a team of motivated high-caliber talents endowed with strong technical capabilities and profound experiences in engineering design and construction. This has enabled the company to offer extensive and quality services to local as well as international clients in refinery, petrochemical, coal liquefaction and coal chemical, gas processing, environmental protection engineering, utilities and infrastructures. The company undertakes the overall project planning for large oil and petrochemical integrated plants, refineries and chemical plants, and provides PMC or EPC services for large-scale…

China State Construction Engineering Corporation

Founded in 1982, China State Construction Engineering Corporation (hereinafter “China State Construction”) is now a global investment and construction group featuring professional development and market-oriented operation.

China State Construction carries out business management activities through its public company – China State Construction Engineering Corporation Ltd. (stock code 601668.SH), and has seven listed companies and more than 100 secondary holding subsidiaries.