Gtour’s CEO was a guest presenter at Rotary Club Nuertingen Kirchheim Teck

Gtour’s CEO was a guest presenter at
Rotary Club Nuertingen Kirchheim Teck in Stuttgart to speak about:
Belt and Road initiative- Evolution of Chinese Tourism Trends.
China is the World’s Largest Outbound Travel Market with 169 million outbound trips in 2019.
By 2030 at the pre-Corona rate of growth the figure is likely forecasted to be more than 400 million.
All of these travellers will have billions to spend and you can be sure that China’s centrally-managed tourism will make sure that it is spent where China wants it to be spent, thus exercising China’s diplomatic soft power in the World.
As of March 2020, the number of countries that have joined the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is 138.
The rising interest of Chinese people in exploring niche BRI Tourism Destinations is giving renewed economic impetus to many of these countries, particularly for tourism-related industries.
It is interesting to explore how the Outbound Travel Trends in China had evolved, and see at first hand how the Pandemic is moving the Tourism Industry to provide more innovative contact-less services.
Rotarians are some of the warmest and generous audiences man can present to.
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